Your business opportunity is NOW. We can fund it fast.

Purchase order financing can fund a large domestic or international business opportunity that traditional financing companies will not approve. Since 2002, our experts have secured over $750 million to help businesses to grow throughout the US, UK, Canada & China. If you’re a re-seller or distributor of hard goods with a purchase order that you cannot fulfill due to insufficient capital, we can help.

The confidence to fulfill your biggest orders

Using purchase order financing gives you the ability to fulfill all your sales orders, even those that exceed your norm in volume or scope. 100% financing of your supplier costs frees up your cash for critical business expenses allowing you to deliver bigger orders. All you need is a PO from a credit worthy commercial or government client to get started.

With PO financing, you can:

  • Minimize capital constraints by letting us fund it for you
  • Grow your business now and pave the way for more
  • Improve your competitive edge among customers and suppliers

The bank said no — why will we say yes?

While a bank looks at your company’s finances, we look at those of your customers. If you sell products to large companies or government concerns, we can fund it for you in expectation of your future profit. It’s a great way to get the working capital you need, in a matter of weeks.


  • Up to 100% financing for $500K - $25 million
  • Fast approval and turnaround so you can get to work quickly (how fast? See our FAQ)
  • We’ll work with your existing credit institutions
  • Proven track record in invoice factoring & financing purchase orders plus other creative financial solutions for those who may not qualify (see our case studies)

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