International Purchase Order Financing - Canada, UK & Beyond

International Purchase Order Financing

In this challenging economy you are looking into new territories, markets and industry channels, some of those may be based outside the US. Unlike most purchase order financing companies, we work with businesses seeking growth in foreign markets such as Canada, Mexico, China, UK and through out SE Asia. Whether you are looking for PO financing in Canada, purchase order financing in Mexico or PO funding throughout the EU, our international PO financing program is designed to assist your business to grow and expand in the global marketplace.

What is purchase order financing

Every business faces the challenge of managing cash flow. One tool to make it easier is purchase order financing. It gives you access to working capital in a manner that is quick, convenient and affordable. Companies use purchase order funding to support an expansion, handle a large order or surge in business, and even occasionally for operating expenses. The tool is particularly well suited to newer companies that cannot get authorized for a traditional business loan. Manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters are good examples. Lets say your suppliers want you to pay cash on delivery, but your customer won’t pay you until 60 days after they receive your finish product - a classic cash flow problem, which purchase order financing is designed to solve. Here are some other applications:

  • Inexperience in generating financing
  • Lack of working capital
  • Need to keep suppliers and customers separate
  • Desire to avoid credit risk (PO financing is not considered debt)
  • Immediate sales need calls for fast response
  • Profit opportunity

How does purchase order financing work

Purchase order financing involves issuing letters of credit to suppliers of finished or non-finished goods, based on specific, tangible goods that have been presold to a creditworthy end customer. It can help you deliver on time, increase market share, and grow without selling equity or incurring bank debt. You will need to supply financial information about your company, customer and supplier. We take care of the rest, usually offering approval and getting your short-term funding to you in as little as two weeks. You can use this cash flow management tool to meet future growth opportunities, too -once your account is set up, the process is faster still.

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For further information about us and our international purchase order financing program call us toll free today at (800) 385-0660. Also check out some of our past blog posts including what is purchase order financing and purchase order financing basics.

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