Purchase Order Financing Companies - Can They Be Creative?

Purchase Order Financing Companies

Challenging economic times call for creative thinking.  You have burned the midnight oil cultivating new clients, new products and services.  Then it happens, you get the order.  First you celebrate, and then reality kicks in. How do I pay for this? The standard channels keep saying no: banks are shut down, friends are unwilling, and vendors are stressed to the max.  Who will support this tremendous opportunity?  

PurchaseOrderFinancing.com has a long history of coming up with creative financial solutions utilizing a variety of products such as PO funding, invoice factoring, & accounts receivable financing to fit your business needs.  Each transaction has unique nuances.  We try to modify our funding programs to the needs of the transaction.  Most finance companies demand the transaction be changed to fit their “my-way-or-the-highway” program.  Listening is the key to a successful relationship and what makes us stand out from other PO financing companies.  Our goal is to build a long term relationship with our client.  

Often we get the call saying: my factory says “I need…”. We discuss the transaction, needs/structure of your buyer, needs/limitations of your supplier.  Then we discuss how our funding program can work with each unique situation.  Everyone wins.   

How Does PO Financing Work

Purchase order financing can be easier to qualify for compared to traditional financing methods, and allows you retain full ownership of your business. You can qualify if: a) your business sells a tangible product to other businesses with a good track record of paying their bills; and b) you have good prospects for growth, usually provable by having a specific purchase order in hand.

Example, XYZ company receives a large purchase order - so large that they cannot financially afford to fulfill it. (Businesswise, they can’t afford NOT to.) By using PO financing, XYZ can ensure shipment and delivery to its customer when the finance company pays XYZ’s suppliers directly. This is usually done with a Letter of Credit. The customer gets their goods and pays the invoice to the finance company, who pass along 95% or more of the proceeds to XYZ company.

Purchase order financing is available to new and established companies with a growing business. Wholesalers, resellers and distributors are likely candidates. Bypass the investor and the banker, keep your ownership and equity, and choose the option that lets you grow.

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