Purchase Order Finance FAQ

What’s the difference between purchase order financing and purchase order funding?

None. Both terms refer to the same mechanisms.

What’s in it for PurchaseOrderFinancing.com?

We get a small percentage of the profit you make on the specific deal being financed. But think of it this way: With our help you’re getting, say, 94-97% of the total profit; without us, zero.

How fast can we obtain PO financing?

It varies, of course, but you can probably expect a preliminary response from us within about 72 hours, and funding within 7 to 14 days.

My business offers a service, not a tangible product - can I get purchase order financing?

No. Purchase order financing is permitted only for hard goods only. However, we have broad and deep experience providing customized financial solutions - you risk nothing by making a phone call.

What happens if our product sells well and we need purchase order financing again in the future?

No problem! You’ll already have an account set up with PurchaseOrderFinancing.com, so repeating the arrangement should go even faster.

Does the current poor economy have an effect on your ability to arrange purchase order financing?

Thankfully not.

Can we use our regular banker for accounts receivable?

No, because you never actually need to handle the money yourself. (A benefit of this is that the funding does not show up as debt on your balance sheet.) Having said that, we are always very flexible and creative, so please tell us what you want and why, and we may be able to work out a solution for you.

Can we get the money from you and pay our suppliers ourselves?

Sorry, but the only way this is done is via Certified Letters of Credit.

How does PurchaseOrderFinancing.com determine whether or not to approve a request for purchase order funding?

You simply need to prove that your business opportunity has the promise of profit. We also look at management expertise, supplier reliability, and repayment plans, but the potential transaction itself is the key.

Who Uses PurchaseOrderFinancing.com?

Importers, exporters, wholesalers, assemblers, distributors, and manufacturers who are experiencing any of the following: Rapid Sales Growth, Capital Constraints, Sales Volatility, Seasonal Sales Spikes, High Development Costs, Stretched Credit, New Product Launches. Many industries can benefit from PO Finance including; apparel, electronics, housewares, sporting goods, toys/games, furniture, food products, hardware, and industrial goods.

Does your company do Purchase Order Financing in Canada?

Yes, we work with businesses in Canada, UK and the US.

How long has PurchaseOrderFinancing.com been in business.

This website is the newest addition to the structured finance firm, which develops and implements a wide variety of financial strategies for commercial clients with catalyst capital challenges.

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