PO Financing Case Studies

Since 2002 we have provided a variety of creative financial solutions (PO funding, invoice factoring, accounts receivable financing) in a broad range of industries throughout the US, UK, Canada & China. The following PO financing case studies share a common thread: working together with our purchase order financing clients, we provided strategic solutions and coordinated the funding quickly to their company (or companies). In most cases, the process not only worked, but also resulted in the promotion of our client’s business to a significantly higher competitive category. Talk to us about how your opportunity could be our next collaborative success story.

Consumer Electronics

OUR CLIENT: An international consumer electronics broker.

HIS SUPPLIER: Start-up manufacturing firm in Asia whose pricing was significantly less than that of their competitors.

THE OPPORTUNITY: The broker had a solid relationship with an established big box retailer, and gained a commitment for nearly 100% of the start-up manufacturer’s capacity. However, he was nervous that the manufacturer would bypass him and work directly with the big box retailer.

PO FINANCE SOLUTION: PurchaseOrderFinancing.com was able to provide 100% funding of the production, and help secure the short- and long-term relationship for the broker. Broker no longer, he is now earning significantly more income as a distributor.

Manufacturing - Food

OUR CLIENT: A small food industry manufacturer.

THEIR CUSTOMER: A huge retailer, selling the manufacturer’s products regionally.

THE OPPORTUNITY: The retailer asked the manufacturer about going national within 6 months; but on a deal this size their co-packer could not offer its standard 60 days to pay.

PO FINANCE SOLUTION: PurchaseOrderFinancing.com worked with the manufacturer and their co-packer to determine the amount of capital that would be necessary to facilitate the transaction. We made it happen, and our client instantly grew from being a small company to a middle market firm.

Real Estate

OUR CLIENT: A young real estate professional.

HIS CUSTOMER: A large real estate developer.

THE OPPORTUNITY: The developer had once asked the realtor to inform him if he ever came across a particular type of property. He did - and realized that his profit potential was significantly greater if he could buy the property himself, then re-sell it to the developer, as opposed to simply taking commission on a direct sale.

PO FINANCE SOLUTION: PurchaseOrderFinancing.com arranged funding based on the potential of the re-sale contract rather than on the young real estate professional’s personal financial situation. He was able to achieve the greater profit, which also set the stage for future ambitious and lucrative transactions.

Financial Assets

OUR CLIENT: A commercial loan broker.

THEIR SUPPLIER: An institution interested in selling a portfolio of insurance policies.

THE OPPORTUNITY: The broker identified a very capable potential buyer, but wanted to become a principal in the transaction instead of just earning a comparatively small commission.

PO FINANCE SOLUTION: PurchaseOrderFinancing.com arranged funding based on the buyer’s criteria and sales contract figures rather than on the financial assets of the broker. The deal was done, and the broker achieved a profit level otherwise unattainable.

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